IKEA rolls out Protouch kiosks for loyalty scheme

ikea_iconIKEA needed a quick, easy and instant way for customers to apply to its IKEA FAMILY loyalty scheme in store and implemented a suite of Xen X5 kiosks as the means to do so.

Studies show that loyalty cards are a vital tool to improve profitability and one of the most cost effective ways to build brand loyalty and improve customer retention. Our kiosks offer customers the convenience of signing up in-store and in addition, loyalty scheme customers benefit further by being the first to know of upcoming promotions, sales and events via on screen information targeted solely at them.

Quant Marketing created the concept for the kiosk solution during its marketing-led IT projects in 2008 and selected Protouch as its hardware partner.

They are made from Protouch’s Xen X5 kiosks with 19″ touch screens, 80mm receipt printers and look great in store with full cover branded laminates and bright orange paint work.X5_IKEA

Tim Schroons of IKEA Belgium said: “We are very happy with the IKEA FAMILY registration kiosks that are installed in all Belgian IKEA stores. They allow us to have a much more efficient way of recruiting new IKEA FAMILY members without the presence of a co-worker being required. This versatile solution allows us to recruit new members and have existing members print out a temporary card or update their customer profile in a user friendly way”.

18 kiosks are currently in use across 6 Belgian stores with a potential rollout to further IKEA stores in Europe.

Previously, IKEA came to us for a reliable system that its staff could depend upon for daily product information and it incorporated our touch screens into all of its stores worldwide.

Our Aspect 15″ beige resistive LCD MSR touch screens are used for stock availability checks that allow staff and customers to gain up-to-date information on IKEA products.

Chosen for its integrated magnetic card reader, the Aspect was initially tested in London stores. IKEA was so confident in the product’s ability to run consistently without interruption it rolled it out to stores worldwide.

They can be found in 200+ IKEA stores, in over 30 countries throughout Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Tom Quarry, managing director of Protouch comments: “We are really excited to be involved in the touch screen and kiosk solutions for IKEA. The touch screens have improved IKEA’s operations and the new kiosks are working well within the IKEA FAMILY loyalty scheme enhancing in-store experience”.


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