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Case Study


Protouch has produced an award winning EPoS kiosk for kiddicare


When Kiddicare, the UK’s favourite baby website, wanted to expand upon its multi-channel marketing strategy, it implemented a suite of Protouch kiosks to do so and won two EPoS awards in the process.

Our kiosk solution improves Kiddicare’s in-store offerings to customers visiting its new store in Hampton, Peterborough, by allowing them to purchase individual brand merchandise via the kiosk.

Each kiosk gives information on product availability and enables the customer to order and pay for their goods and arrange collection or delivery there and then. In addition, each kiosk provides on screen information on related items and promotions and is a great help to staff when a product is not in store, as they can simply show their customer an alternative that can be seen on the kiosk.

Protouch, K3 & Kiddicare won ‘EPoS innovation of the year’ at Retail Systems 2008 Awards and recently won the ‘EPoS Initiative’ award at the Retail week Technology Awards 2009.

Kiddicare decided to install a kiosk solution after finding that the average order on its website was nearly four times that of its store due to selling methods on the web.

Our kiosk model is the Xen X5 with 19” touch screen, Verifone Secura chip and pin unit and an 80mm receipt printer and each one looks very cool with an individual full cover branded laminate. The software was produced by K3, who partnered us in the Kiddicare solution.

Since the opening of the new store in April 2008 Kiddicare has expanded the kiosk service further and ordered several more units. The kiosks are already reducing queues at the checkouts and allowing Kiddicare to manage more customers with less staff costs.

“The Protouch and K3 kiosk solution leads the way for the retail sector by showing a glimpse of the store of the future. Our kiosks make the sales process faster, simpler and hassle free, so much so that customers are spending 4x more at the kiosks than they are at Kiddicare’s tills”.
Tom Quarry, Managing Director of Protouch