Kiosk Solutions

Protouch has proven success in the provision of self service kiosks to a variety of sectors; from retail, healthcare, hospitality, transport, to government services, and education. With expertise in kiosk development, Protouch can design one-off bespoke solutions to meet many specific requirements.

Retail Kiosk

Protouchs retail solution, designed to enhance the customer experience, will also improve loyalty and boost sales both in-store and online.

Ticket Kiosk

Accelerate ticketing and payment with these kiosks. Provide around the clock convenience for a stress-free user experience whilst maximising revenue.

Payment Kiosk

Payment Kiosk provides an automated card and cash purchase function for your customers to make a variety of acquisitions that provide a convenient and…

Internet Kiosk

Securely display sites, applications, online payment, and advertise. Keep customers safe by locking-down your system and protecting it from digital…

Visitor Management Kiosk

Maximise security and reduce staffing costs by controlling visitor entry and securing the premises with automated check-in technology.

Queue Management Kiosk

Beating queues and reducing waiting times. This kiosk solution will aid in managing peak traffic flow, keeping customers satisfied.

Translate Kiosk

Improve communication between staff and customers. The Multilingual Kiosk provides translations for public and government sectors.