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Internet Kiosk provides access to the web allowing your customers to have full or restricted access to search and browse, while you know it is completely safe-guarded against outside intruders. Internet Kiosk Solution is a bespoke system with modifications that decrease your project development time and reduces costly enhancements.

Protect Your Operating System

With PKM (Protouch kiosk manager) your network is fully protected so that users cannot manipulate or deactivate your network or access key areas on the kiosk PC. Your system is ‘locked’ down, blocking access to windows files, stopping hackers and preventing any downtime. You stay in full control with our secure browser software.

Secure Access and Control Internet Viewing

Protouch Internet Kiosk can control customer access as it is essential to protect your kiosk by blocking access to certain sites that contain unwanted content which may put your kiosk at risk. Additionally with our Internet Kiosk you can control the appropriateness of content for your customers by restricting access to sites that may be deemed as unacceptable and lock down the kiosk so that only the applications permitted by you can be accessed, preventing the user from switching to other on screen displays.

Track Internet Kiosk Usage

Imperative to all businesses is the analysis of customer activity and the Protouch Internet Kiosk logs all activities performed on the kiosk application.  It is easy to follow a user’s actions in a step-by-step process. With BI (Business Intelligence) information provided you can accurately determine and use your findings for customer, security and network analysis.

“From the moment we installed the kiosks we immediately achieved 50% self service. The kiosks have opened up exciting growth opportunities to us.”


GLH group identified a requirement for hotel guests to be able to have a greater technology access beyond the typical WIFI connectivity, whi…

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Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas approached Protouch to provide an integrated customer information and self service infrastructure.

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Countrywide Farmers

Protouch has rolled out its latest Xen X5 kiosks across 55 Countrywide farmers stores

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Vogel's, Europe's market leader in TV wall mounts, has selected us to roll out 10,000+ touch screens throughout Europe.

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