Payment Kiosk

Effective Bill and Payment Solutions

Payment Kiosk provides an automated card and cash purchase function for your customers to make a variety of acquisitions that provide a convenient and secure environment, reducing your cost of sale and increasing customer satisfaction. With a standard software system that has been customised for many industries all of our clients benefit from over a decade of software developments.

Fast and flexible payment methods

The Protouch Payment Kiosk Solution meets the increasingly high demand for self-service financial interactions. With the ability to make payment via card or cash, Payment Kiosk also provides a cash loading process for a cashless system. Customers or employees can load cash via a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card by scanning the Payment Kiosk RFID Reader and loading the payment onto a card via the kiosk. With several payment methods available including chip and PIN, note and coin, contactless and mobile phone. Depending on the required configuration, the kiosk can also offer change, printed receipts and barcode scanning, exceeding the overall user expectation.

Secure transactions

The Payment Kiosk uses PKM (Protouch Kiosk Manager) software to ensure all transactions are processed securely, keeping all personal information completely protected. In return, the software also delivers confidence, in the knowledge that your users are unable to compromise system integrity with a secure hosting of kiosk user-facing applications. Fraud prevention features including encryption, privacy filter touch screens and security alarms, guaranteeing a safe procedure with every transaction and with the reduction of cash handling by staff, the security risks associated with this are eliminated.

Improved Customer Experience

Payment Kiosk never sleeps, providing extended opening hours along with a multi-lingual language support, which substantially reduces labour costs improving cost effectiveness, customer convenience and in turn loyalty.  A reduction in queues and speedy processing delivers a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience making Payment Kiosk the solution for a multitude of financial transactions.

“Gloden needed to update its entire estate of shops with new Payment Kiosks and chose Protouch as our provider with their Xen X6 kiosks that took note, coins, payments and additional hardware suitable for our business. 3 years on and we are very happy with the kiosks.”