Queue Management Kiosk

Take away the stress of queuing

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Our Queue Management Kiosk Solution creates an optimal queuing system, so your customers aren't left waiting and you can attend to visitors needs quickly and efficiently. With a developed software capability Protouch can provide bespoke additions where you'll gain access to many years of software augmentation, thereby decreasing development time and reducing cost.

Speedy Automated Queuing Systems

You can’t avoid a queue, but you can avoid customer complaints with a Protouch Queue Management Solution. From entrance to exit your customers will enjoy a streamlined queuing process which will guide visitors and maintain a continuous operational flow. Queue Management Kiosk delivers both a physical and virtual queuing process allowing operatives to receive a smooth and steady stream of customers, reducing both the average wait time and operative idle time, all achievable with the Queue Management Kiosk.

Easy and Convenient ‘Fill in a form’ Application

Reduce customer wait times and improve staff utilisation by integrating your forms within Queue Management Kiosk. As visitors arrive they simply submit their forms improving accuracy, clicking is faster than writing, eliminate duplication and reduce paper costs.

Control and Prioritise Customers

Queue Management Kiosk can control the order of a queue by prioritising customers according to a set criteria set by the programmable software.  Your customers will automatically be seen in the order you have decided by setting the criteria in the system, whether it be order of arrival which is a more traditional approach or by type of customer requirement, the control is set by your business need.

Additional Revenue Streams

Create ancillary spend with an advertising revenue stream, while customers wait provide them with advertising and relevant interactive touchscreen information, this will keep customers appropriately occupied, easing the strain of waiting and generate added spend for your business.

“Protouch were chosen because of their experience within the self service kiosk solution market, they delivered a full solution from hardware and software to installation and maintenance on time and within budget”


Birmingham International Airport have introduced an express lane for its passengers to improve efficiency and save time, using Protouch Xen…

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