Visitor Management Kiosk

Secure Your Environment

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Visitor Management Kiosk will control and safeguard your premises and employees by providing access control through touchscreen kiosks. By controlling visitor entry you’ll have complete access over admittance to your premises, allowing you to deliver the required level of appropriate authorisation for full or restricted access. Our tailored solutions are feature-rich and this reduces the need for much of the bespoke development that is traditionally required saving costs and installation time.

Controlled Automatic Access

Delivering a sophisticated state-of-the-art touchscreen kiosk that provides access to your building, secure rooms or car park.  With a Protouch Visitor Management Kiosk an unmanned or manned entry system will deliver a highly protected environment controlling entrance and egress of your property.

Quick and Easy Mutli Media Entry

Visitors without ID are able to gain access to pre-determined security levels of entry by talking to a designated controller via both webcam or microphone. For more advance and secure environs it is possible to add advanced technological security in the form of a biometric upgrade that includes eye retina or finger print recognition, all built into the Visitor Management Kiosk touchscreen.

Bespoke Reporting

To ensure peak performance of your security measurements you are able to set-up tailored reports and in today’s heightened security conscious environment it has never been more important to understand access control and usage of your premises. With the Visitor Management Kiosk solution Protouch can deliver BI (Business intelligence) and management of your kiosk network via PKM (Protouch Kiosk Manager) Software.  The PKM software will provide customised reporting to understand footfall at peak times, date and location data along with ID use and any other required permutations unique to your business.