Ticket Kiosk

Effective Ticketing Solutions

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Ticket Kiosk is so simple and convenient as it allows your customers to purchase a ticket to any type of activity or event. With an unmanned Protouch kiosk you’ll increase sales by reducing transaction time, increase distribution points and with a bespoke solution that can be adapted to meet your specific business requirements, you'll decrease development time and save costs with inherited modifications.

Dispense Any Style of Ticket

With in-built thermal printers it is easy to print in your own brand in a multitude of ticketing environments, all pre-designed to your specifically branded activity or event.  The internal thermal printer can print directly on to tickets, vouchers, dockets, receipts and even wrist bands and through a dispensing system tokens can be pre-stocked and released as required.

Ticket Collection and Payment

With Ticket Kiosk purchasing is made safe and secure with the installation of either a chip and pin or note and coin functionality.  At the Ticket Kiosk users simply select or buy, then collect their tickets, this is proven to increase value per transaction, increasing your revenues and significantly removes the chance for human error whilst saving you costs on employee overheads.

Integrate with QR (Quick Response) Code or Barcode Scanning

Let customers’ access tickets by QR or barcodes as the ticket kiosk scans the code and prompts the user to pay or take their ticket. This is an effective method when running a campaign or issuing tickets as the user requires minimal identification to obtain admission or tickets. Additionally, tickets can be protected against theft with added security techniques, which include receipt and print capture history held within the PKM (Protouch Kiosk Manager) software.

“The Protouch PKM software and Xen X6 kiosks proved to be completely reliable and contributed to an extremely successful world cup for us. During our selection process we saw many companies – our selection criteria put huge weight on a proven system at a reasonable price – and that is exactly what we got from Protouch”


Carnival UK, the British arm of the world’s largest cruise ship operator is piloting Protouch kiosks at sea.

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Cineworld, the 2nd largest multiplex cinema chain in the UK, rolled out Protouch kiosks to a number of its UK cinemas and picked up a techno...

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With over 2.8 million tickets available to fans across the month long tournament, FIFA faced a huge challenge in issuing tens of thousands o…

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