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How do I pay and when do I pay for my order?

We currently accept, BACS/CHAPS transfers and cheques (payment must appear within our account before goods are dispatched).

You can also apply for a credit account with us if you wish to be invoiced once your goods have been dispatched. To set this up you will need to download a Credit Application Form, fill it out and return it to accounts

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What do I need to send to confirm my order?

We require a PO (via email or fax confirming invoice and delivery addresses, part numbers, unit description and price) and payment. If you have an account set up with us we will be able to see this on your account and automatically invoice your account.

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What is the lead time for kiosks?

At present we are quoting a 5 week lead time. However, lead times will vary depending on the design of the kiosk and the quantity ordered.

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Do I have to pay shipping? Do you ship overseas?

Yes, shipping is applicable on all orders and varies depending upon the size of the order and the delivery address.

We send our units out all over the world; to calculate shipping costs for overseas deliveries we would require a full delivery address as well as knowing which units and how many are being shipped. Quotes can take some time to receive so please be patient - we will get back to you.

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Can you offer support outside the UK

Yes, we have a 3rd party support company that operates in many European and international regions. Please confirm with us the areas & levels of cover before offering or ordering these services.

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Can you offer on-site support in the UK

Yes, we have in-house engineers and also work with a 3rd party support company that can cover all areas in the UK & ROI.

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What is the lead time for my touch screen/s?

We endeavor to hold a range of our products in stock - notably the 15", 17" and 19" Geode 2 touch screen monitors. Lead times for, open frames, all-in-one touch PCs and large format touch screens can range from 2-6 weeks from date of order confirmation. Please call us to confirm before placing any order

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What does Next Day Swap Out warranty mean?

Next Day Swap Out Warranty means that a replacement screen of equivalent condition and era will be sent out to you or your customer the next working day, provided that Protouch Solutions Ltd have been informed before 2pm. The faulty screen will be collected on delivery of the replacement, If on receipt of the unit Protouch find that the fault has been caused by customer damage we reserve the right to charge for the replacement screen and shipping charges. For full details please contact our sales department.

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When does my warranty start?

Warranty starts from the day of dispatch from Protouch Solutions Ltd, this is the date on the top of your sales invoice.

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What does Return To Base Warranty - Mainland UK mean?

Return To Base Warranty - Mainland UK means that your unit is covered for repairs free of charge until the warranty expires. It is the customer's responsibility to return the screen to Protouch Solutions Ltd and in turn it is our responsibility to return the repaired screen back to you or your customer. As the warranty states free return shipping only applies to those inside the Mainland UK only. Shipments outside Mainland UK will be chargeable.

This warranty only covers manufacturing faults; it does not cover customer damage. If you need to return your screen please see "If I need to organise a return or repair what should I do?

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Does my warranty cover Weekend delivery and collections?

No, warranties only cover free shipping during normal business hours Monday - Friday.

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Where can I get software drivers for my touch screen?

As all our touch screen drivers are model / age specific you must contact our technical support team and inform them of unit's serial number. They will then locate the correct driver for your unit and either send it to you or advise you in how to get it.

Technical Support telephone number: (0) 1276 40 11 40

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If I have problems setting up my touch screen what support can I expect?

We have a Technical Support Department that is more than happy to help you with any problems that you may encounter with your unit during set-up or in the future. In order for us to deal with your enquiry promptly, please have the serial number and or the sales order / sales invoice number to hand before contacting us.

Technical telephone number: (0) 1276 68 44 00 - OPTION 3

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If I need to organise a return or repair what should I do?

If you are experiencing problems with your touch screen or your touch screen has been damaged, you will need to contact our Customer Service and Returns Department.

In order for us to deal with your enquiry promptly, please have the serial number of your unit along with a description of the fault you are experiencing to hand (serial numbers are located on the back of each unit). A member of staff will then be able to guide you through the required process.

Please note: A Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) must be obtained via our Returns Department prior to any goods being returned, goods without a valid RMA number will be refused on delivery.

Customer Service and Returns telephone number: (0) 1276 68 44 00 - OPTION 4.

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Can my kiosk be personalised?

Yes, you can customise your kiosk with a vinyl laminate. This can either be a full front/side/back cover or just a logo. Our standard kiosk colour is silver, but we also offer the option to have a colour upgrade to any Ral colour of your choice.

In addition, our in house design service can create bespoke laminate designs for you and also provide you with a free of charge mock-up visual of your kiosk.

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Are the kiosks tamper-proof?

Yes. We only use best of breed components which are tested to high levels in order to prevent damage from attempted vandalism and theft.

All access points to the PC, screen and accessories are locked with keys supplied to the administrator.

The components we use such as the keyboards are anti vandal so they do not include "Ctrl, Alt, Delete". The touch screens in our Xen kiosks are made from extra-tough glass substrates that resist vandalism. They have been chemically strengthened and meet the industry-standard impact resistance test of a 0.5 kg, 50 mm diameter ball dropped from height of 1.3 m.

The kiosks can also be bolted to the ground/wall.

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What is the power requirement for a kiosk?

Kiosks require a standard 240volt supply.

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Does my touch screen need a specific PC specification for it to work?

No, the touch screen will work with any specification PC. The only consideration you need to make with regards to the PC is whether it fits your software/programme requirements.

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USB or SERIAL(RS232) - what is the difference and which do I choose?

This is to do with the connection of your touch screen monitor to your PC; predominantly we sell USB monitors because most modern PCs have USB connection - not serial. There are no benefits to choosing one over the other.

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Are there limits to the number of accessories I can incorporate into my kiosk?

Yes, there are limits because a kiosk with too many accessories will:

A: confuse the user as to what the kiosk's purpose is. As a rule of thumb you should be able to summarise the purpose and intent of your kiosk in one brief sentence.

If you decide to have a multi-purpose kiosk you must ensure that the features offered and accessories used complement each other. Such as a product finder kiosk, that also offers payment, ordering and home delivery.

B: they will not all fit. If you would like more than two or three accessories on the multi-function plate, you'll need to contact sales to confirm whether the configuration is possible.

We use multi-function plates to allow you to update your kiosk at anytime. For example: if at a later stage you decide you want to change the kiosk from having a keyboard to taking chip & pin payment and giving a receipt, this can be changed with a simple plate swap.

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Does my touch screen monitor/PC come with a desk stand? Can I wall mount my touch screen?

Most of our touch screens come with a desk stand as standard (exceptions to this are the 32" NEC and 46" touch screens as well as the 19" Allure all-in-one touch PC). All of our monitors and Touch PCs are VESA wall mountable, but if you require wall mounting brackets please ask for a quote as most of them do not come with the units as standard, but are available at extra cost.

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How will my touch screen work?

Your touch screen will work just as your normal monitor or PC would, but you are replacing the need for a mouse with touch screen technology.

With the touch screen monitors (no PC) we send out a start up disk; you will need to load this into your PC and then link up our touch screen monitor as you would a normal computer screen monitor.

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Will my touch screen work with an Apple Mac?

A lot of our units will work with Apple Macs, but we will need to give you driver download links. The best thing to do is to call and check with us before placing an order or specify on the order that you need it to work with a particular version of Mac. We will then confirm if this is possible. Close

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I want to use my (or a) web site on my touch screen, can I?

Yes this is possible but wait - have you thought about the user interface for the people using it?

Most web sites are not suitable for using on a touch screen interface because they are designed for use with a roller mouse and keyboard. If you want to use your existing website it is a good idea to make sure the website has appropriately sized buttons, correct size text and the correct resolution.

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Do you do demo / evaluation units?

We can send out some demo / evaluation units to customers upon request; if you contact the sales department and discuss this we can normally arrange something

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Do I need special software to run my touch screen?

You do not need specially designed software for our touch screen units. Our touch screens will work with anything Windows based and drivers for other operating systems are also available. The primary thing you need to remember is that a finger takes up a lot more surface area than a mouse pointer so your programme design needs to take this into consideration.

With the touch screen monitors (no PC) we will send out a start up disk; you will need to load this into your PC and then link up our touch screen monitor as you would with a normal computer screen monitor. Then, your computer will work just as it normally would, but with 'touch' where you would have normally clicked with a mouse. Close

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What is the difference between the various touch screen units?

Touch screen monitor:Touch screen monitors are desktop or wall mounted (stands and brackets available for purchase) and require an external PC. Basically, you are replacing your existing computer screen with a touch screen so it will look and work as your normal computer would. The Geode touch screens are designed from the ground up to be touch screen units. The NECs are retro-fit which means we convert them from standard display monitors into touch screens by building in sensors.

All-in-one touch PC:This is a complete system which has your PC housed within the touch screen monitor and it can be desktop or wall mounted (stands and brackets available for purchase). It is pretty much plug and play and does not require a link to an external PC.

Open frame touch screens: These units are monitors, but they have no bezel around them and are fixed within existing apertures or kiosks. They are designed to be fixed behind an aperture so that they are then flush with whatever housing you have incorporated them in to. They require an external PC.

Kiosk: Kiosks are typically indoor, floor standing or wall mounted, stand alone, branded, complete solutions. They can be customised with numerous accessories and perform various functions. PCs are inbuilt and we also have outdoor kiosks. Close

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What is a touch screen?

A touch screen looks the same as any other screen in a monitor , kiosk , etc and it can do as much as a standard screen can and more. It possesses an extra piece of glass with a sensor placed over the front of the original screen as well as an extra cable at the back. Once you have plugged them in and loaded up the touch screen software drivers, you'll be ready to experience a whole new way of working. Whenever you touch the screen, the driver software will tell the computer that you have 'left clicked' as you would with a mouse.

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