5 Interesting Articles You Might Have Missed

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Here at Protouch we’re always keeping our blog up to date with the latest kiosk industry news and trends, to help both retailers and businesses to be as successful as they can. With a wealth of information available on our blog here’s a re-cap of 5 of our most recent articles you might have missed.

Kiosks Improving Healthcare

With the patient to doctor ratio at an all time high, and doctors time becoming increasingly more valuable, kiosks can prove to be a huge resource to the shortage issues; not to mention a great tool for empowering patients too. From sexual health and prescription dispensing, to appointment making and checking in, kiosks are making a huge impact on remote healthcare. Read on to find out more about how kiosks are improving healthcare.

Is Buying Cheap Chinese Kiosks a False Saving?

Everyone likes to make savings where they can, however, is it ever really a saving when you’re compromising on quality? From running into replacement and spare part issues, to dealing with communication barriers; Protouch takes a closer look at why buying cheap chinese kiosks could be a false saving in the long run.

5 Technologies We May See in Kiosks of the Future

It’s always exciting to look to the future and predict what may lie ahead. With technology always evolving, and kiosks always on the cusp of technology, Protouch takes an exciting look at 5 emerging technologies including; eye control, 3D printing kiosks and modern day vending machines. Read the full article to find out more about these technologies and if we can expect to see them being used in kiosks of the future.

The Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks in HR

Touch screen kiosks are not solely reserved for consumer facing sectors, and can prove highly beneficial when rolled out in corporate environments too. Protouch take a look at how the adoption of touch screen kiosks in a HR department can heightened the level of help and support for employees, enrich engagement, and can aim to reduce employee turnover in the long run. Read the full article and find out all of the benefits of touch screen kiosks in HR.

Kiosks Are Driving Customer Satisfaction

The world today revolves around technology-based feedback and already many consumer facing industries are finding innovative ways of obtaining feedback in modern ways. For this reason we take a closer look at exactly how kiosks are driving customer satisfaction and bridging the gap between company and consumer.

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