5 Technologies We May See In Kiosks Of The Future

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Kiosks are always on the cusp of technology and we believe that if a new form of equipment provides value to the user experience, then it could be well worthwhile adding it to one of our kiosks.

Of course, it’s hard to look into the future and say what will certainly be included in the technology of the future, but we can make guided guesses from what we believe. So, we’ve compiled a list of five technologies that we may see in the kiosks of the future.

Quality Food and Drink Kiosks

Although there are plenty of food vending machines and kiosks in existence, most if not all offer a substandard experience to that of a fine barista or mixologist. Though that currently may be the case now, it most likely will not be forever. Rumours have it that Starbucks is working on kiosks that offer a quality coffee experience of the standard of a barista and if you want to see something similar in reality, Google showcased a cocktail mixing robot called ‘Makr Shakr’ at its recent I/O conference. In time, who’s to say similar technology could not fit into a vending machine?

Contactless and Print Scanner

The contactless payment option has been included on a number of our machines and it’s set for further roll out in the future. We’ve also heard tales of an Apple iPhone 5S with contactless option via NFC technology and fingerprint scanner – so, who’s to say that this technology will not be rolled out widely in time to come – not us anyhow.

Eye Control

Then again, using your hands is so tedious. The current generation of smart phones is toying with the idea of eye control and who’s to say kiosks and other devices with screens won’t soon.
Samsung’s SIV uses eye control to aid reading of webpages, watching of movies and viewing of images and who’s to say we soon won’t see something similar on our TVs and PC screens and also our kiosks?


The OLED screen is also a quite realistic tech next and may replace our plasma and LED displays within the next few years. OLEDs allow for slimmer screens, which can also be flexed and curved. This new generation of displays is brighter than current screens, don’t require backlighting and are far easier to produce in larger sizes. They’re also greener, more efficient and have larger fields of view than the current crop of screens.

3D Printing Kiosks

Anyone who keeps up to date with technology will have heard of 3D printing. Essentially, this tech layers material on top of each other to create all sorts of items and it’s becoming increasingly complex. Reports suggest by 2050 we’ll all be using the machines to print everything from electronics to clothes in our living rooms. All we’ll do is purchase the design for our home 3D printer and let it manufacture the rest. So, before then, expect 3D printer kiosks in a shop near you, allowing you to create all your needs from one amazing kiosk.

We can’t say for sure what the future of kiosks will be, however we do know it’s going to be exciting.