Check-In Kiosks Rated In Top 10 Hotel Innovations

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Self-service kiosks have become extremely popular in the hospitality industry, particularly in the hotel sector. The technology can reap tons of benefits to businesses in the trade and check-in kiosks were even rated in the top 10 hotel innovations over the last 16 years. There have been numerous studies recently which show how widespread the technology is and the findings include: – 9 out of 10 decision makers in the hospitality industry believe that mobile and wireless technology is increasing in important. – 56% of hospitality companies plan to spend more money on mobile technology to enhance customer experience, according to a whitepaper by Ariane Systems. – 75% of hoteliers think check-in capability via mobile is useful, according to Hospitality Technology’s 2011 survey. – 76% of guests think being able to check-in before arriving would ease frustration, according to Opinion Research Corp study. – 41% of guests would be more likely to pick a hotel that offers advanced check-in via the web or mobile device, according to Opinion Research Corp study. – 65% of people have booked a hotel room online or via mobile device but only 20% have actually checked-in using the methods, according to Opinion Research Corp study. – 57% would check-in using these methods if they were available. – The average guest carries two smart devices when they travel, according to Runtriz. As you can see from the various studies, self-service technology is common in the sector across the world and it is one of the hottest trends.

Features on the kiosks which guests can take advantage of include;

  • Wayfinding, information, check-in, ticketing, cashless payment, internet, video conference, and fast track.

Matt Allard, CEO of Runtriz, said that businesses in the industry have to sit up and start deploying the technology to survive. He commented: “Guests are experiencing and expecting it more and more in their everyday lives, and hotels need to adapt.” If you would like to install kiosks in your hotel, speak to the experts at Protouch today.