Choosing The Right Hardware Components

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Selecting higher quality components will maximise the lifespan of your kiosk. The peripherals are imperative in considering the function and purpose of the application. They should work together in harmony and be chosen parallel to each other.

Deciding factors for selecting components

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • High quality
  • Low cost
  • Support
  • High volume
  • Easily replaceable
  • Reliability

Cost vs quality
When it comes to choosing the right components, quality should be at the forefront of any decisions. Paying the extra for quality can be the difference between an unsuccessful kiosk and one that provides a positive user experience.

The printer is a vital aspect of most kiosks, with an estimated 9 out of 10 utilising one. It is the component that should be thought about first. Whether printing receipts, tickets or coupons, the quality of the printer can determine the efficiency of the kiosk in action. The main aspects to consider are the size of the printer and its motor, the power supply and the function. For example, for receipts a thermal printer is best due to the speed, reliability and cost.

Card reader

Integrating a quality magnetic card reader are useful for a range of applications that require a payment transaction, for example, in ticketing kiosks.

Telephone handset
A built in telephone handset can maximise communication in locations such as receptions and healthcare environments. They can also be a useful component in providing an outlet for user support.

Other components to consider are:

  • Scanner
  • Keyboard
  • Chip and pin
  • Coin acceptor/ dispenser
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Proximity sensors
  • Wi-Fi

Selecting the right quality kiosk components could contribute to saving maintenance and repair costs in the future. Perfecting the peripherals is key to the overall success of your kiosk deployment.

Contact Protouch to discuss which hardware components would be right for your kiosk.