Hertz Ranks Number One for Best Kiosk Experience

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Hertz has been dubbed the top auto rental firm in North America and it has secured its top place for its leading kiosk experience. According to a consumer survey by Zagat, Hertz has ranked number one out of its competitors because of its reliability, vehicles and best services. The auto rental company was rated highly as the most popular firm and renters surveyed said Hertz was the best for self-service kiosk experience as well as business and leisure travel, counter staff, loyalty programme, car return experience, shuttle service and website, and ‘green’ options.

National Car Rental scored second place followed by Avis and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In total, 10 car rental brands were studied at the start of 2012 of nearly 800 people who rented almost 9,000 vehicles since last year. Each renter took out on average 11 vehicle rentals annually and the most popular reason was for business. Tim Zagat, Zagat co-founder, said: “Avis, the long self-proclaimed No. 2 in the industry, has been passed by National, if only by a hair in the overall rankings. National ranks second in best kiosk experience and ties for second with Avis for the best brand for business travellers.” Further findings revealed that Enterprise Rent-A-Car ranked top for best deals and promotions whereas National has the “best bang for the buck. The study shows just how important self-service technology is for modern day consumers. The firm’s self-service kiosks transform the way people can rent cars and given the fact that they have ranked highly, audiences are clearly enjoying the independence.

So what is it that the automated kiosks offer drivers? 

– People can quickly retrieve their car keys instead of queuing up at a rental counter

– 24 car key assess

– No extra charge for rental at the self-service

– Smooth and fast pick-up

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