How Are Coupon Kiosks Saving Consumers Money?

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Present times are hard economically and consumers are constantly looking out for the best deals, discounts and ways of saving cash in their back pockets.

This means if they can spend less at one store they are more likely to change shops and go there; affecting their customer loyalty with their current brand.

It is because of these cost-cutting methods that it can prove hard for a company to hold down its customers and increase profits, therefore see a return on investment.

Ultimately, a kiosk can help to build your consumer loyalty and attract those with the potential to be best customers.

Particularly coupon dispensing units are key to save shoppers money as they offer vouchers to use in-store.

The success of these touch screens are exampled at Food Lion supermarkets, in America.

A shopper enters a store, scans their personal card at the kiosk and within seconds they receive a personalised coupon based on their household’s shopping history.

The token expires on the day they are issued, providing additional impulse to redeem.

The customers are expending more tokens than ever since the grocery chain deployed coupon-dispensing kiosks inside the stores across states.


The kiosks, part of the chain’s MVP Savings Center campaign which launched last year, have resulted in a much higher coupon redemption rate, up to five times, amongst consumers when compared to other traditional distribution channels.

David Palmer, Food Lion Director of Customer Relationship Management and Interactive Marketing, said: “In these difficult economic times, Food Lion is committed to providing our customers with the lowest prices on the best brands.”


Based on the positive outcomes, the firm are now expanding the service to other store locations and money-saving kiosks can also be found at other Food Lion stores operating under the names of Bloom and Harveys Hometown.