How Are Kiosks Developing Airport Check-In Technologies?

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The airport industry is ever-growing and as technologies advance and develop it is changing the way consumers travel.

Kiosks are already installed in airports to help passengers print tickets off and check-in quicker and whilst self-tagging is common in many airports in Canada and Europe etc. it is now allowed to do so in the United States.

Fliers can check-in their own bags with tag-printing capabilities; after printing their tags from kiosks, passengers can then place the tags on their luggage without staff’s supervision.

American Airlines is now the first US airline to allow travellers to use the “tag your own bag” system; cutting costs and reducing waiting time.

It is estimated implementing such a program can save the sector as much as $2billion a year and according the Los Angeles Times, the kiosks can handle 55 customers per hour as opposed to 21 per hour with live attendants.

This will dramatically change the way airlines interact with their customers, as it will;

– Increase customer satisfaction

– Reduce waiting time

– Better customer service

– Cut costs.

However, experts have warned that for the new technology to take off it is vital it works properly every single time. The printer in the device needs to be reliable and dependable.

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