How Can A Kiosk Be The Foundation Of A Close Community?

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Small villages and towns in any country tend to be close-knit, together and act as a big family as opposed to neighbours.

Other towns can get this sense of community, friendship and intimacy too simply by deploying a kiosk.

The content of a touch screen can encourage rural economic development, a sense of pride, community ownership and accomplishment.

How can it do this? Well a kiosk can have multiple functions and purposes and of these, it includes information provision.

A community unit can hold info such as town history, memorabilia, photos of past events, records of church groups and public organisations.

Furthermore, citizens can be unified by information on local stores, old school report cards, diaries and notable people that were born there that may have gone on to stardom or fame.

This is exampled in Pictou County, Novia Scotia, Canada.

There the Pictou Regional Development Agency is installing several communal kiosks across the country over the new few months and they are asking for public assistance in determining the content.

The kiosks, which are to be deployed in the communities Blue Mountain, Durham, Kenzieville, Lismore, River John, Merigomish and Barney’s River, have been established to modernise the sleepy towns, create self-importance and delight from being born there and serve to educate the visitor on information and research of the area, as well as encourage exploration.

The public are being asked to send in old school photos, information on the old shops and establishments such as the mills, and any material on important well-known persons.

Install a Kiosk in your local town or village and share the experience in delving into the past, to enjoy the future.