How Can A Touch Screen Kiosk Help A Graveyard?

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In a recent story from the Gothenburg Times, the City in Sweden is all ready to set up a number of different touchscreen information kiosks in a local cemetery. All of the touchscreen digital kiosks that are to be installed in the cemetery are meant to print out maps of all of the graveside locations, helping people to find what they’re looking for a lot quicker. The Gothenburg City Council members have approved $10,000 for the cemetery kiosks to be fitted and they have also granted another $10,000 for next year’s budget.

A board member for the cemetery has said that the public are going to have full access to the kiosks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The board member has also said that the families or family member of the deceased will also have the ability to put pictures or even obituaries on the kiosks for a small fee. This would also turn the kiosk into a source of revenue for the city and the more popular it becomes, the more kiosks could be put up around the other graveyards in the City thus leading to more money that the city will be able to bring in. You can get a touch screen kiosk fitted in your business, whether it is to accept payment or simply navigate the consumers.