How Can Kiosks Aid The Funeral Industry?

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The UK funeral market is estimated to be worth around £1 billion a year, with over 600,000 funerals taking place each year.

At the end of the day, it is like any other business. It needs to find cost-effective measures to deliver the service and strive to improve the customer’s experience and to make it as simple and stress-free as possible, during such a distressing time. Arranging a funeral is tough emotionally as well as financially and at a time when people are bereaving, the funeral sector needs to be as dignified and as understanding as possible. Touch screen technology can help the industry as it does with any other company. A funeral kiosk that is located within a parlour can assist in cases where it is too much for a person to sit and talk to a staff member about arranging the ceremony. Speaking about a death out loud can be too upsetting, especially because it reaffirms that the loved one is gone and that they are never coming back. Sometimes talking about it is too painful because it awakens someone into reality and makes things all too real. People may take comfort in making decisions via kiosks with practical questions such as burial or cremation answered on an interface. The entire funeral can be arranged without assistance if they wish! The display can ask nerve-touching questions like is the deceased to be dressed in their own clothes, or play exerts of hymns to help the family choose what to be played at the service. And the information kiosks can provide all the info and photos that they need to make the right choices; for example images of caskets and casket furnishings.

A funeral kiosk can provide info on;

– Registering a death – How to add an obituary notice in the local newspaper – Local florists – Pet care for animals left behind – Local stone masons – Bereavement advice and counselling help – Obtaining a death certificate – Finding a church As with other touch screen technologies, a kiosk can reduce workload on existing staff so they can concentrate on other tasks such as comforting the families rather than arranging the funeral; and it reduces the strain without the expense.