How Can Kiosks Aid To Educate The Elderly?

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We have written a blog post beforehand about how touch screen technology and kiosks can aid the elderly in care homes.

There are many challenges in care homes to provide both the family members and patients about information; moreover monitoring visitors and guests. But a deployed unit can help speed up administration and improve services.

As well as this type of facility, kiosks can also aid educate seniors when it comes to info on benefits and saving ideas that they may not necessarily know much about.

Recent research by a national charity showed that thousands of retired people in the UK are missing out on as much as £3 billion because they are not claiming pension credit.

The statistics, published by Turn2us, reveal that 8/10 low-income pensioners are in fact unaware of their entitlement to pension credit and therefore do not claim what is lawfully theirs.

A touch screen Kiosk that is installed in the community somewhere central for example in the community centre, town hall, main church or in the centre of town can help OAPs find out more about what benefits are on offer, if they are eligible to it and how to apply for it. What is more, savvy-saving top tips and ideas can be given on the interface to support and benefit finances.

Information on care, medicine and drugs, savings programs, home energy assistance and more can be included on the machines as well as a staff member on-hand to aid the elderly person on how to use the technology.

Income can be tapped into the data that works out for you how much to save each week to be able to remain steady and financially stable. As long as the info is kept confidential and the unit employee is trained, the technology can really enhance a pensioner’s life and prohibit things becoming destitute.

So install a Touch screen kiosk in your local community today and help educate.