How Can Kiosks Help The Elderly?

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Touch screen kiosks can benefit a vast array of demographics in the UK. The development of the technology means that it can help a wide array of needs and it can boost a business’s efficiency as well as a consumer’s experience. The versatile units embody various features and this makes them ideal to help elderly people. But just how can the technology help senior citizens?

Care homes

A kiosk can help care homes by providing information for both patients and the family members. It can be distressing putting a loved one in care but touch screen technology can help by providing access to information 24 hours a day to ease any nerves. By offering the latest up-to-date information and news such as laws, it helps to support the aging. It also aids staff and visitors with vital information such as what room the resident is living in and regular family members can just check themselves in instead of filling out tedious forms every single visit. Visitors can check-in via the kiosk and make appointments to look around, reducing the burden of administration duties. This therefore gives the staff more time to actually care for the patients. But it can also act as a form of socialising portal as the kiosks can include information on local groups, meetings or clubs for the patient to get involved in. This will boost their mixing and encourage them to meet new people and enjoy new hobbies.

Community education

Kiosks installed in local community establishments can help to educate them on relevant information such as benefits or health advice. Research by a national charity called Turn2us found that 80% of low-income pensioners are unaware of their entitlement to pension credit, so they do not claim what is lawfully theirs. Thousands of retired people in the UK are missing out on £3billion due to not claiming pension credit but a touch screen can help OAPs learn more on such issues and how to take action. By deploying the units in various locations like a library, church, community centre, clinic or town hall, the technology can offer insightful information and tips on care, home energy savings and medicine etc. There are multiple ways that a kiosk can help the elderly; so get in touch today to install the touch screen technology in your local community.