How Can Kiosks Keep Consumers In-Store?

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There are a lot of studies and news circulating the web that brick and mortar stores are dying as a result of the World Wide Web. Industry experts claim that high street stores are becoming few and far between because more and more retailers are setting up online. It is true that businesses can benefit from the digital platform, boosting sales and marketing efforts. But high street stores are still important to the consumer and kiosks can help to keep them alive. Here is a guide by Protouch on how kiosks can keep consumers in-store.

High street v online

There are numerous advantages to the internet; it is easy, fast and extremely accessible. Society’s needs have evolved and the World Wide Web caters to these growing requirements but high street can too by updating its technologies and services. A study by Local Corporation, an e-tailing group, found that 90% of shoppers still believe brick and mortar stores are important. Sherry Thomas-Zon, Vice president of Local Corporation, said: “The challenge for national brands and retail marketers is to keep pace with consumers as they move among devices and locations and to provide timely, compelling, engaging information that guides them to the purchase.”

So can how touch screen technology help?

More and more consumers are utilising the latest technology such as smartphones, tablets and kiosks to improve their experience so it is important that you deploy the technology in your store. Consumers are researching and purchasing items via these products and so they have become a vital role in the shopping process of the retail sector.

  • Web

An increasing number of consumers are browsing and shopping online and so you should be flexible and adjust to this behaviour. You can do this, by having kiosks in-store that have internet access. Customers will be able to browse products online that you don’t have in-store and gain more information.

  • Competitiveness

In order to beat your competition you need to stand out from the crowd and touch screen technology can help you do this. By offering the latest technology, it shows that you are a serious, reputable business and it will boost your status in the local area. As well as displaying that you are a cut above the rest, you can also show your competitor’s prices. Don’t be afraid to show rival rates- it will demonstrate that you are fair.

  • Reviews

Kiosks can display product reviews and ratings which will help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. Often or not a consumer may need expert advice when they are stuck buying a particular item and a touch screen unit can help if a sales employee is unavailable.

  • Loyalty programs

Kiosks can help to boost consumer loyalty schemes. Shoppers can get access to discounts, coupons and special offers. In such difficult economic times, it is becoming more and more important to try and save money and consumers are always looking for the best deal. A kiosk can dispense ticketing vouchers.