How Can Self-Service Kiosks Help Theme Parks?

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Installing a kiosk into your business can reap tons of advantages for both the consumer and the corporation. And the popularity of self-service technology has increased over the past few years, with more and more industries jumping on board the band wagon. Today we are discussing kiosks in theme parks and specifically how can they help? Units include various features such as payment, information, internet access and more so which of these are useful in the leisure sector?

Specific features which can prove beneficial at a theme park consist of;

Payment We’ve all been there; you arrive at a theme or water park, put all your belongings into a locker and then find that an hour or two later the kids want a drink or are hungry. But that means walking all the way back to your locker and getting out some cash, or alternatively carrying it with you from slide to slide with the risk of it getting wet or stolen. However, a kiosk can help visitors with cashless payment and instead they merely wear wrist bands which are loaded with money and everything around the park is paid via the bands. A perfect example of this is the Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Indiana in America. – Wayfinding Theme parks can cover vast areas so it is common for people and children to get lost. This can be tackled by encouraging parents to keep an eye on their children, by setting up a lost and found building, and by deploying touch screens at various points in the park which offer interactive maps. They can show visitors where they are and direct them to attractions that they want to see. – Fast track One of the features of a kiosk is fast-track whereby customers can skip the long queues and head straight to the front of the service. This can be useful at a theme park when visitors can pay extra to avoid queuing for rides and you don’t need to employ an extra staff member to attend to these consumers because the machine can register them. – Ticketing Often or not, tickets for rides can be bought at the main reception at a theme park but there may be times when a visitor wants to purchase more tickets and instead of walking all the way back to the front of the park, tourists can make payments at kiosks and purchase more tickets without assistance. Here at Protouch, we can help you deploy engaging, high quality software in your theme park to enhance the overall customer experience.