How Can Touch Screen Technology Help Hospital Patients?

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No-one likes being unwell and whether you mind doctors and needles or hate them, staying in hospital for a lengthy amount of time can be a huge bore for everyone. Stuck inside a ward and confined to a bed can be energy exhausting and lonesome, and if a patient is in care for a considerable number of days or weeks passing the time can be hard. Touch screen technology can help entertain people who are residing overnight. Television is already on offer at bedsides for a set price in most health care institutions but a kiosk can provide so much more.

With high-end images and video quality in full HD resolution, a Touch screen can give a patient the same excellence of amusement as they would experience in their very own house; so despite the fact that they are staying in a hospital they can still feel at home. Kiosks designed for patient-bedside entertainment and patient-flow management that present video and voice communications, TV, games, movies, the radio and the Internet are brilliant to make one feel at ease and distract from the fact that they are poorly. And they are perfect for young adults and children to keep them amused when they may be scared and frightened! The technology enables patients to still interact with the outside world and stay up-to-date and in touch with family and friends by email and instant messaging, so they are not really alone. It makes the whole experience more like staying in a hotel away from home rather than amongst sick people. What is more, the units can aid the hospital staff too as well as the sufferer. Doctors and nurses can recover medical records and access databases from the bed to help with diagnosing the patient’s illness as opposed to waiting for paper copies to be transferred. Software needed for the entertainment and communication purposes include; – Barcode scanner – Wi-Fi – Multi touch interface – Receipt printer – Card reader, to make payments – Remote control and handset.