How Is Touch Screen Technology Helping Petrol Stations?

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Touch screen kiosks are deployed across various locations including retail stores but they are also widely being installed in petrol stations. In the last week alone Irving Oil announced that it has deployed interactive self-service technology at several of its gas pumps in New Hampshire and Maine in the United States of America. The digital signage provides drivers access to community news, local sports, promotions, weather information as well as safe driving tips. What is more, there are live webcams for local traffic monitoring to help the user travel around the area with ease. So just how can the technology help petrol stations around the world and why are they becoming so popular? Protouch has compiled the main elements…

Key features include:

  • Self-service

The kiosks let users fill their cars with fuel independently and pay for their fuel without assistance of a staff member. This gives the driver freedom and self-sufficiency which is an increasing need demanded from today’s society.

  • Reduce waiting times

The technology quickens waiting times for drivers which improve their overall customer experience. It also increases sales as more people are tended to in a shorter space of time.

  • Payment

One of the main benefits for kiosks in petrol stations is that the driver can pay for their fuel at the unit without the need to walk into the store. Obviously only card payments are taken but it means that the complete processes are quickened. It is vital that the payment information is kept secure for confidentiality reasons.

  • Save lives

Protouch reported back in 2010 how a touch screen kiosk calculator was being deployed at service stations to allow drivers to calculate how tired they are. Developed by Natalie Tindale and Professor Drew Dawson, director of the Centre for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia, it allows users to score their fatigue levels and it recommends the amount of sleep needed before continuing to drive. It was hoped the system would reduce road accidents related to lack of sleep and help to save lives.   Do you want to install touch screen technology in your business to cut waiting times, improve staff efficiency and better customer experience? Contact us today.