How Is Touch Screen Technology Helping The Brewery Industry?

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Many people have been in the exact same situation on a night on the town; you walk into a bar and look at the menu but have absolutely no idea what you want to drink.

Some socialisers prefer to drink the same beer every time they go out-others may want to try something new and exciting but don’t know where to begin. Consumers were experiencing this difficulty when they entered a bar in America called the El Bait Shop. Known as the home of the biggest selection of American microbrews in the world, this bar has over 300 beers for its thirsty guests to choose from.

From Extra special bitter or India pale ale, to Imperial stout or Belgian pilsner; how do you know what to drink if you have never tried it before? Simple; use a touch screen display that tells you what brew is right for you.

An interactive touch screen device can help improve a business by informing and guiding the beer drinkers through all the beer options that are available at the bar. The display merely lets the consumer tap, browse and look through all the beer products catalogued via a screen to aid in the important decision of what drink to enjoy.

And the “beer genius” will guide the consumer by matching beers to the drinker; in effect telling you what beer you want to have. It offers information on ingredients, flavour descriptions, brewing technique and history of each and every beer.

Such a multi-touch screen device can really benefit the beer drinkers by enabling the user to use a search mode and search for a particular brew by name, brewery or type of beer; and if there are any new arrivals the screen can display this.

What’s more, when the unit is idle announcements and adverts can be projected so any news on up and coming gigs or special offers can be featured.

Pic Credit: Alcohol Stuff