Choosing An Information Kiosk

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We live in a world of information – a world where global knowledge fits into the palm of our hand. In short, people want to have the information they need and they want it to be as easily accessible as possible.

Of course, providing this information can be made a lot easier with an information kiosk, that’s been specifically set up to meet the demands, needs and requirements of the customer or individual.

Information kiosks are all about providing just that – information. This needs to be done in a practical and easily accessed manner and can really add a lot to a business, experience or retail setting. However, though most of us understand that people want information that can be easily accessed via kiosks and similar means, understanding how to choose a kiosk can often perplex them. So, what should you look for in an info kiosk?

Function over Design

Aesthetics are extremely important, however function is number one. In the world of information kiosks this means that provision of a kiosk that offers the relevant information is the first priority.

In essence, a kiosk is only as good as the software on it and that should be the focus first and foremost when choosing an info kiosk. Deciding on whether you should choose an already developed or a bespoke software development solution is an important decision that could determine the success of the kiosk. 

Other additions such as being able to lock down the website viewing, blocking access to certain sites and being able to track the kiosk usage are also all important here and provide you with plenty of information for analysis.

You want your kiosk to offer the exact information required in a manner that’s intuitive, easily understood and accessible. Our PKM platform offers you the opportunity to have a number of different applications developed to fit in with your needs – something we see as essential.

Information Input

Interactive information kiosks need some form of input device, so deciding on whether you want to use a touch screen input or keyboard form of input is the next decision that needs to be made.

Each kiosk is different and often the input is determined by the software and the function of the device. In many cases the best way of determining the most apt input is to discuss it with us beforehand as we’ll be able to give you an idea from experience.

Kiosk Style

You want a kiosk style that reflects your brand, your business and the feel it should deliver. This is why it’s nice to have a wide selection of kiosk styles to choose from.

We offer kiosks in a variety of footprints, allowing you to decide on the best style and shape to reflect your brand and suit the positioning of the kiosk. 

Other considerations that reflect your choice of information kiosk are whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors – for which you have to take a number of considerations into account.

Information kiosks can provide a lot of benefits and positives to a business, providing information instantaneously, quickly and attractively to those who require it.