How Translation Kiosks Help Tourism

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The world is a small place nowadays, however even though this is the case there are still plenty of challenges regarding languages, translation and the provision of information – especially in the world of tourism. This is one area where kiosks are at their strongest.
In the world of tourism, interactive information and translation kiosks provide an informal manner in which to offer information, services and guides of all sorts.
For tourists it limits worries regarding being misunderstood and for the tourism industry it provides a number of benefits, including automation of processes, providing the correct information to customers and tourists when and as required, as well as the additional benefit of increasing business from tourists.

So, where can Translation Kiosks Help?


Hotels can utilise the power of the translation kiosk in a number of manners. From check in and out, to reservation and bookings, to provision of information, to hotel requests – translation kiosks can significantly benefit hotel businesses.

These kiosks can be provided in a whole range of languages at little or no significant extra cost. These can then be used to provide information and services to the vast array of individuals who stay in the hotel, making their lives easier, their stay more efficient and the level of service significantly better.

Tourism Centres

Whether you decide on an outdoor or an indoor kiosk, there are all sorts of manners in which a Protouch translation kiosk can be of service.

Everything from way finding, local information, services, ticketing, payments, phone calls and communication services can be offered to tourists at such a kiosk in a language they’re native in.
We offer all sorts of benefits via our translator kiosks, including custom scripted scenarios, built in translation services and our systems even facilitate the tracking of trends surrounding your customers.
This creates the positive experience that the tourism industry wishes to generate and is considered as a positive for tourism and tourists alike.


Of course, restaurants too can benefit greatly from these translation kiosks. Reservation systems are often part and parcel, as are translatable menus. These kiosks can also be utilised to provide information on the locality, happy hour, specials and promotions too.

One of the significant benefits here is the visual aspect of kiosks. Quality touch screens allow for HD images of mouth-watering dishes. In addition the systems can also be used for surveys and follow up offers all of which is positioned on an easy to navigate, intuitive software.

So, as you can see even from these examples, interactive translation kiosks can potentially provide all sorts of benefits to tourists and tourist services.