Is Digital Signage The Way Forward For Advertising?

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More and more, digital signage and touch screens are being used to display advertising content in high traffic public locations. Digital marketing comes with a multitude of benefits in reaching a targeted audience. Screens are a worthwhile investment for businesses who want to stand out with their marketing strategies.

Multi channel marketing

With digital screens emerging as one of the most innovative methods of promoting, there is exciting opportunity to connect a wider audience with online marketing campaigns. Some kiosks and signage have the ability to connect with mobile devices through QR barcodes, such as tablets and smartphones.  The highest levels of engagement are through ads on touch screen mobile devices. This creates another platform to link to social media sites and web pages, which encourages sharing online.


There has been a surge in outdoor digital signage and interactive kiosks, revolutionising street advertising.  This opens up opportunities for businesses looking to promote themselves or their product with attention grabbing media that invites passers by to engage. Indoor locations such as shopping centres, retail stores and airports are also effective for digital screen advertising.

Audience engagement

Today’s tech savvy consumers are always looking for the next best gadget or new technology. Screen technology on the streets is driving consumers to engage more closely with marketing campaigns and interactive ads. Digital signage means marketing messages can be live, instantly updated and more direct.

Can touch screens be used for marketing?

Touch screens are slightly more complicated when used for advertising; however there have been examples of novel ways of utilising them to engage an audience interactively. Large public touch screens can encourage users to interact with games, questionnaires and other entertaining activities that help to promote a brand or product. On the other hand, for the less tech savvy public it is more of a challenge to persuade them to participate.

The future

“The future of advertising is…intrinsically linked to technology and people” (source). Although we cannot predict what the future holds for digital screen advertising, it is inevitable we will see innovative developments in technology. For example, implementing 3D technology could give advertisers the chance to stand out and get their content noticed. Who’s to say that advertising with screens couldn’t become more direct with facial recognition? In all, digital screens provide a lucrative marketing strategy for companies wanting to stand out among the crowd.