Is Touch Screen Technology Responsible For The Demise Of Postal Offices?

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Some postal service experts have issued warnings to the general public that the role of the post office will demise and they are part blaming this with touch screen kiosks.

In the US alone, the postal service is facing a potential $8 billion deficit this year as mail volume declines and due to this over 3,600 post office stores are closing. It is said that many rural areas and towns are being left without a post office but not necessarily the Postal Service as the network is already included in drug and grocery stores and self-service kiosks. Described as the ‘dead letter office’, many retail post offices are being replaced with kiosks as a more convenient access to the Postal Service products and services. Customers’ needs are still being met but via touch screen technology. Reports argue that a large percentage of citizens from across the world no longer use post offices to physically conduct their post business. A study showed that 35% of the American’s post service’s revenue is generated from self-service kiosks, the internet and smartphone applications.

The postal sector is merely updating itself with modern day times as is other industries and reaping the advantages of touch screen technology. The same service is being delivered but with cost-effective solutions, as fewer staffs is needed at each branch. And of those offices still open, the staff’s time is better spent enhancing customer experience rather than undertaking menial paperwork. In such a fast paced society, customers are demanding self-service technology and a kiosk to reduce waiting times. As a business you can meet these requests with the help of Protouch; Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of touch screen technologies.