Kiosk Applications: Benefits of Multifunction

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The functionality of a kiosk is vital when it comes to enhancing customer experience and increasing profits.

By deploying a unit in your business you can reap cost and time saving benefits that will give you a great return on your investment.

What’s more, by integrating several applications into one kiosk, you can find even greater efficiency while also opening up multiple revenue streams that were not being accessed beforehand. In effect multiple applications can save money and provide better services for customers.

For example, many retailers have simple price-scanning kiosks but these can be enhanced with additional functions such as ordering, payment, way-finding, loyalty account maintenance, and gift card purchases.

Of course you don’t want to overdo the number of functions. The kiosk must remain simple and user-friendly so that a consumer is more likely to want to use it.  Grouped functions on a kiosk should complement each other and not confuse the user; generally automated services are there to improve manual processes that already take place.

It’s not just about service either; your hardware costs can also be cut by combining several applications into one kiosk. Obviously having separate machines has more capital expenditure, so instead of deploying multiple kiosks in your business which would cost more for maintenance, installation and repair work, you can reduce the number of units and therefore cut spending in half.

Fundamentally consolidating services and maintenance on to a single device gives greater efficiency and added revenue streams.

So, advantages of multi-functions include;

– Cost savings on manual processes, staff and hardware

– Greater productivity through automated, grouped services

– Time savings for staff that don’t need to carry out processes by hand

– Added revenue streams leading to an increase in profits

So install a multifunction Touch screen kiosk in your business today, with Protouch.

Kiddicare,as pictured above, is our best example – it does product look up, ordering, payment, collection, delivery and cross and up selling.