Kiosk DVD Rental Growth in 2011

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The total number of DVD and Blu-Ray movie rentals last year reached $5.65 billion in America; however this is a 3.4% drop from the previous year. In contrast, the amount of DVD and Blu-Ray rentals via touch screen kiosks has grown by an astonishing 28%. According to the Vice President of Home Entertainment at Rentrak, David Paiko, the major growth area for disc rentals in Q4 last year was the kiosk channel.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to renting videos for both digital and physical media but a kiosk can help by giving the independence of being able to rent without the aid of a human. This fundamental reason is why touch screen technology is becoming more and more popular because consumers’ needs have evolved with the present times and many now prefer to use machinery rather than be interrupted by staff personnel. In more news about kiosks and DVD rentals, it has emerged that Redbox are becoming even more dominant in the kiosk DVD rental market. The only company that posed any kind of threat to Redbox was NCR and since Redbox has bought the NCR Blockbuster Express network of DVD kiosks, it can be suggested that there is no longer a threat to the company. Renting movies from a kiosk in a retail outlet is just one of many features of the touch screen technology.