Kiosk Technology Aiding Courts

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A popular feature of a touch screen kiosk is payment from consumers.

Many industries deploy kiosks purely for its payment methods; be it a touch screen for car parking, paying medical bills at hospitals, paying for a room at a hotel or posting bail in a jail. These are just a few of the many sectors that reap the advantages of kiosks, just like when Kiddicare deployed Protouch kiosks to allow customers to purchase individual brand merchandise via the unit.  

Paying via a kiosk has many benefits including;

Easier for customers as opposed to cheque or paying over the phone. – A payment method that is right there in front of you increases the probability of a customer actually paying their debts. – A receipt dispensing feature provides greater security and privacy. – Reduces paper work and staff time spent on taking payments. And now it seems governments courts are jumping onto the band wagon. Topeka, the capital city of Kansas, in America has deployed some new kiosks to provide the public an easier way to pay fines. The city now has municipal court kiosks which are installed in the court lobbies to offer a new option for paying court penalties. The kiosk, which cost $4000, has a touch screen and keyboard so customers can access frequently asked questions about court cases and make payments using several different credit cards. The technology is hoped to aid the court functioning as due to current government cutbacks and budgets, the court staff numbers have been reduced by nearly 18% over the past two years.