Kiosk Technology Offers Advice To Help The Environment

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A touch screen kiosk can be deployed to inform customers on various subjects be it tourist destinations and events, product info or health advice.

A kiosk can be located to inform the public on special offers, sport class or film timetables or a town’s heritage. But as well as the multitude of facilities, an information kiosk can also offer help to people on how to help the environment.

A unit has been installed in Douglas County in Nebraska, America to show the public how to reduce storm water runoff and decrease pollution. The county has deployed an internet kiosk to provide info on storm water and other environmental issues. A top tip that has been shared includes turning the downspouts on a house toward the lawn or garden and away from the driveway leading to the street. There’s also information about demonstration projects. The Environment Agency is the UK’s public body whose principal aims are to protect and improve the environment and to promote sustainable development. They are concerned mainly with rivers, flooding and pollution and here at Protouch we imagine that they could jump on the band wagon as the Americans have and reap the benefits of deploying touch screen technology. Educating generations is paramount to tackling world-wide issues and the government is pushing citizens to become aware of their effects on the o-zone layer and realise how our resources are diminishing at a rapid rate. If people are not told the correct facts and figures then they cannot be blamed for wrong choices and bad practices. A kiosk can aid to teach society how to focus on sustainability and be environmentally conscious and friendly.