Using Kiosks To Improve Security

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Touch screen kiosks are being used by businesses, in buildings, rooms, car parks and airports, as a way of tightening security.

For example, airports in the US have an increased need to maximise their security facilities since 9/11. Funded by taxpayers and airline travellers, kiosks are being deployed to assist with the screening process. Security kiosks improve the efficiency of homeland security, whilst reducing costs spent on security staff. They are also valuable for capturing data and storing information for security records. Airports in Canada, such as the Vancouver Internation Airport are also using self-service kiosks in their screening process, to allow passengers to scan their own passports and declaration forms. This particular programme is called the Automated Boarder Clearance, used to reduce queuing times and make their security processes more efficient. 

Access Control can provide your business with a simple security system that controls visitor entry.

  • Manned or un-manned control
  • Video and audio communication
  • Biometric upgrade option
  • Custom access reporting

Securing Your Kiosk Network

When deploying kiosk in your business, you must consider the protection of your network. Some kiosks are in unsecure locations or are unmanned, which poses a threat to the overall security. For example, you could be risking information theft or unauthorised access to the software or operating system.

Limiting access to the operating system is one of the most important aspects of securing your kiosk network. With this access to the key areas of the control system, an unknown user can steal information, alter setting and also install harmful viruses on to your kiosk.

The risk of information theft is worth consideration depending on what information is stored on the kiosk. Access to vulnerable data such as passwords, numbers and personal details could present significant issues for a business.

With the security of your kiosk compromised, your software is at risk of virus. This can affect your Internet in allowing unauthorised websites to be displayed. Most importantly, an unexpected virus impairs the performance of your kiosk when it should be at the peak of efficiency.

Secure Browser software can offer a security solution that will manage the following aspects.

  • Protect the operating system
  • Secure access to the Internet
  • Control website viewing
  • Track kiosk usage