Kiosks Extended in Australian Airports

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Touch screen kiosks are already used across the world in a plethora of airports to help passengers check-in and fly more quickly. The technology makes the process of travelling much more efficient, saving time and money so it is no wonder why Australia has decided to extend its SmartGate program. The Australian government has already deployed a number of kiosks throughout its airports to allow Australians to return home and process their own passports through the use of a kiosk. But the scheme has proved so successful that it will be drawn-out over the next two years. The kiosks use face-recognition technology to perform the customs and immigration checks that are conventionally conducted by customs staff. So far units have been installed in Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, and Melbourne and they involved travellers with ePassports. Now the government aims to fund another $7.9 million over the next couple of years and according to budget papers it will save the country $11.9 million over a four-year period because fewer staff will be needed for the Customs and Border Protection Service. Airport kiosks can help by allowing passengers to scan their ePassports as well as have their eye ID scanned but what other features can they provide?

Check in

If travellers have no baggage to put onto the flight, they can simply check-in via a kiosk to avoid the long queues.


Airports can be very vast in space which means people can get lost. A kiosk can show vacationers where they are located in the airport and show them where everything is such as restaurants, shops and toilets.

Internet access and printing

If a passenger has arrived at the airport and forgotten their tickets, they can simply log onto their emails via a kiosk with internet access and print them out again. It couldn’t be simpler! Here at Protouch, we have helped Birmingham Airport introduce an express lane with our fantastic express lane kiosks. Just check out the case study as an example of how we can help speed-line the processes and services at your airport.