Kiosks In Education: Schools

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Teachers in schools in the UK are facing more and more difficulties nowadays. Political correctness is in over drive so children are no longer taught traditional nursery rhymes such as ‘Baa baa black sheep’ but instead ‘Baa baa rainbow sheep’ which means staff need to be extra vigilant when it comes to teaching and interacting with the classroom.

They have to be extremely attentive when it comes to what food the pupils are bringing in for their packed lunches, as part of a healthy diet watch; and they are taking on more responsibilities as carers as opposed to educators including teaching kinds to dress, socialise, use the toilet properly, and table manners.

So whatever systems that can be put in place to aid school staff along the way, to ease their work load or put less strain on teaching can be hugely beneficial.

It would mean they had more time to concentrate on the children’s educating rather than supervising.

Benefits of a Touch screen kiosk in your school include;

  • Decreased Waiting Times for Registration
  • Reduced Costs for Payroll/Overhead
  • Increased Employee Know-How
  • Safer security

An example of this is an elementary school in the city Edmond, in Oklahoma, USA. There, a kiosk system has been deployed to tighten the security,

The software system screens thousands of visitors, contractors and others who pass through the school doors.

It allows for quick visitor check-in, instant background checking and volunteer registration. It also gives school personnel instant access to information regarding parental custody for each parent and student, eliminating confusion about who has the right to pick up students.

The kiosks incorporate a Touch screen interface, camera, driver's-license scanner, barcode scanner and visitor badge printer to provide the user with a complete method for signing in and out.

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