Majority of Retail Shoppers Prefer Self-Checkout

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The greater part of all shoppers in America favour self-service technology, according to a recent survey. Findings by research firm NCR reveal that the majority of US consumers use self-checkout and almost 70% of those surveyed agreed that the best part of the technology is the reduced waiting times. A massive 78% admitted that they prefer using the technology because “it is usually faster than going through a cashier-assisted line.” The survey found that in stores that provided a self-checkout option, 64% of shoppers believe retailers who offer self-checkout provide better customer service. A key finding is that consumers would like to see the technology extended to other retail divisions and 70% would like to see self-service kiosks deployed at mass merchants and in drug stores. Further industries which were stipulated to have self-service solution installed included DIY stores (61%) and convenience stores (50%).

So how can kiosks help retail outlets?

  • Shop online

A study by Local Corporation found that 46% of shoppers check out prices on a store’s site; kiosks with internet access allow consumers to do this.

  • Product browser

The same survey also found that 42% check the inventory before visiting; kiosks enable shoppers to browse products online that are not in-store. This means they can view important information on the product including size dimensions and price.

  • Payment

It can be a time-consuming task being served by a cashier but kiosks let the consumer pay for the items themselves and they do not need to exchange cash with a third party.

  • Wayfinding

Many retail stores are vast in size so it is no wonder why a consumer can get lost or cannot find a certain product. Kiosks can help shoppers find items by displaying where they are located.

  • Queue busting

As evident of the survey, one of the biggest advantages of self-service is that they are much faster to use and can reduce queue waiting times.

  • Loyalty

If a store has any special offers on or promotional material, shoppers can get this and utilise it via a kiosk. By offering loyalty schemes a firm can boost its retention rates and keep its customers happy. Protouch are specialists in retail self-service technology; retail environments are hotspots for kiosks and we can help you give your shoppers convenience as well as improve staff efficiency. Speed up the overall service with our expertise. To see an outstanding kiosk success story, read our retail case study on Kiddicare.