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Are you up to date with our latest articles? If not, here is a brief summary of our recent blogs so you can catch up on the latest news and hot topics in the touch screen and kiosk industry.

The Emergence Of Multi-Touch Interfaces
Touch screen technology has advanced over recent years to allow multiple touches to be detected at one time. The benefits of multi touch technology are endless, commonly used for way finding and information kiosks in public locations. To learn more, read about multi touch interfaces and their benefits.

Is Digital Signage The Way Forward For Advertising?
Advertising and marketing techniques are becoming more creative with the development in digital signage and touch screens. Businesses are utilising screens to reach a new tech-savvy audience in search for the next best interactive experience. Read more to find out how touch screens and digital signage are being used as an alternative advertising platform.

Discover the Latest Developments in the Kiosk Industry with Protouch at Kiosk London Expo
Protouch have recently exhibited at the Kiosk London Expo 2013. The exhibition is dedicated to displaying the latest technologies and new developments from the self-service industry. Protouch showcased a variety of their top kiosk solutions that have been rolled out to some of UK’s leading companies across a range of industries. Read on to find out more about the exciting event.

Why Interactive Kiosks Are Great For Events
From corporate events to music festivals, kiosks are an ideal solution to engage visitors and provide speedy services.  Whether it’s a ticketing or way finding kiosk, organisers have the opportunity to incorporate the latest self-service technology into their events and stand out amongst others. If you’re interested in how a kiosk could enhance your event, read on.

Are Kiosks Enhancing The Value Of Employees?
With the rise in self-service, kiosks are being deployed in a diverse range of industry sectors. The question is, are they adding value to our employees? Take a look at this blog to read more on this interesting discussion on kiosks and employees.

Keep checking back on the Protouch blog to stay up to date with the current hot topics in the kiosk industry.