More Airlines Globally Invest In Check-In Touch Screen Kiosks

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More and more airlines across the world are investing in Touch screen technology to check-in its passengers.

We wrote a blog post previously regarding airlines deploying kiosks in airports to improve customer satisfaction and better waiting queues. And now further companies nationwide are jumping on board the new trend and rolling out units to check travellers in.

Frontier Airlines has unveiled more high-tech kiosks across an additional 14 airports in America. Installed in Omaha, Orlando, New York, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, Dayton, Colorado Springs, St. Louis, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Austin, Newark, Nashville and Seattle, the machines include all functionalities for passengers who haven’t already checked-in online at home, to use the kiosks at the airport.

The airline said that almost 70% of its passenger check-ins nowadays take place at a kiosk or online; so it makes sense to reap the advantages of the technology as is other airports.

Functions such as a touch screen interface and printer enables the holidaymaker to print off the receipt which is hugely beneficial for consumers who do not have a printer at home; as well as allowing the customer to allocate seat selections.

Frontier says the kiosks reduce labour costs and streamline the process and waiting times for passengers.

This is why Birmingham Airport, in England introduced an express lane too using our kiosks.

The units will improve the processing of its nine million travellers per year and give passengers a choice whether to be processed as per normal or to buy a priority pass from the machine.

The supplied kiosks will enable the nine million travellers that pass through the airport every year, to take advantage of a premium express lane and priority processing.

Similarly, the Kiosks had a touch screen and printer, as well as a chip and pin, coin and note acceptor, and change dispenser.

Let Protouch help your passengers print tickets off and check-in quicker; as well as check-in bags with tag-printing capabilities. It will save the industry billions of pounds a year and cut staff figure costs by a considerable amount.