Multi-Channel Retailing Can Maximise Sales During The Christmas Period

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At this time of year, retailers should be utilising touch screen kiosks solutions to provide a multi-channel shopping experience. With the evident growth in online Christmas shopping, high street retailers have an increased desire to use technology to their advantage.

According to recent research there was a rise of 30% of online orders during the Christmas period in 2011, highlighting the need for retailers to assert their high street presence.  Giving customers access to an in- store retail kiosk allows full browsing and buying potential, which in turn maximises sales and reduces queuing.

Example 1
As an example, a corner shop in Germany has taken an innovative approach to multi-channel retailing, by introducing an all-in-one polytouch touch screen system. This gives customers another means for purchasing foods, toiletries and household items. The idea behind the concept was to create a more personal experience shopping in a small grocery store, in contrast to a large supermarket. Customers are given more control in their decision-making through the expanding number of channels they have to utilise when shopping. With this example, consumers can hand over a personalised shopping list to an assistant, or choose online shopping from the comfort of their own homes, using Smartphones, iPads etc. or using the in-store Wi Fi. If users are passing by during closing hours, they are able to interact with a QR code wall in the shop window, using their Smartphones. With the new polytouch system introduced, there are 5 possible shopping methods to choose from. This live system can link to customers’ pay pal accounts and it also includes a printer so customers are able to print a paper receipt to collect their goods. With all these processes in place, the consumer can have a stress free shopping experience during the festive period.

Example 2
Similarly, a John Lewis store in the UK has launched a new virtual shop window, which attracts passers by to interact via scanning a QR code. This display features a ‘Top List’ that gives users gift ideas that they can browse and also purchase using their Smartphones. The benefit of this innovative solution is that it is 24 hour, so users can interact with the shop outside of opening hours. Multi-channel retailing gives shoppers greater choice and brings convenience to a whole new level.

Example 3
In Europe, the retail industry has incorporated a novel gift card solution. Using self-service kiosks in major shopping centres, shoppers are able to securely buy a gift card with ease and convenience. During the Christmas period, this solution is invaluable, increasing revenue whilst reducing staff costs. With the pressure of Christmas shopping looming, this new gifting system gives consumers an alternative option, an easy, speedy method of purchasing gift cards for people. The concept could be developed with the deployment of kiosks in different locations.

Take a look at the Kiddicare and Matalan case studies, which give examples of how a kiosk can be utilised in store to maximise sales and enhance the customer's shopping experience.