Multi-Touch Technology: Interactive Kiosks, Walls, Windows And Tables

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Touch screen technology has developed and progressed so much over the past few years that now it is hard to go anywhere without seeing an interactive Kiosk.

Interactive displays surround consumers in supermarkets, hospitals, airports and libraries just to name a few and more sectors are jumping on the band wagon and reaping the benefits of touch screen technology, as well as advancing a customer’s experience.

As consumer need grows, the technology needs to reflect this and enhance to keep up to speed with the demand.

Interactivity can now be found in the form of multi-touch walls, Kiosks, floors, windows and tables.

Normal every day surfaces are becoming exciting digital media solutions that are triggered and activated by touch motion and gestures.

The limits are endless in terms of content, design and applications meaning businesses can create engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. Whether it is located in a restaurant, bar, hotel or museum; multi-touch technology can be deployed in a plethora of venues and benefit a variety of consumers.

So what does the future hold? If tables and walls are becoming touch interfaces who knows, the sky is the limit! One might be able to play games on the dinner table at a restaurant in between courses, or order clothing at the entrance of a store.

With so many surfaces becoming digital, what else is in stow for consumers and companies; Touch screen doors?