New UK Trend: Photo Kiosks

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The UK could be seeing the end of memory cards and flash devices with the upgrade that is set to arrive for photo kiosks. For any consumers in the UK who are looking to print photos which are on their smart phones, they may soon be able to print straight from their phone thanks to Near Field Communications (NFC). According to a post at the NFC Times, the Fujifilm group in the UK are planning to introduce NFC technologies into its SmartPix photo kiosks so that consumers with a smartphone that has NFC technology can quite simply walk up to one of the touch screen kiosks, wave their handset at it and then begin printing the photos.

In the post, it said that Fujifilm is working with UK based Near Field Solutions in order to develop the “Tap ‘n’ Print” service on the SmartPix kiosks which will be located at various places like supermarkets, camera shops and other retail locations. Initially the plan was to deploy 3,500 units, starting in May, and there are already plans in place to expand the project throughout the rest of Europe. Android enabled smartphones and also BlackBerry handsets that enable NFC have got applications available already and these apps will enable the owner of the handset to quickly pair their phone with the printer and choose which photo or photos they would like to be printed from their handset. There are a number of companies like Barclays, who are starting to use NFC. It can be used for things like paying for something on your card. Printing and ticketing are just a few of the many features of a touch screen kiosk; and if you would like to get a kiosk fitted in your company you should check out our extensive range of touch screen technology.