North America Is the Largest Region for Self-Checkout

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The total number of self-checkouts to be shipped will reach 60,000 by the year 2017, it has been forecast. RBR, a London-based research firm predicts that self-checkout is here to stay. According to their recent study, which involved 52 countries, it was revealed that 26,700 self-checkout terminals were shipped in 2011. This is seven times higher than a decade ago so with more and more businesses jumping on board the band wagon, it is imperative that your corporation gets involved. The findings show that North America is the largest region for self-checkout accounting for 41% of the global total of shipments. Kiosks now account for two-thirds of points-of-sale in US supermarkets and at least 25% of supermarket transactions are reportedly conducted at self-checkouts.

Key results include;

– 98% of installations are in Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. – Latin America has seen a rise in interest in self-checkout – Saudi Arabia recently deployed very first self-checkout kiosk – NCR is the world’s largest vendor of self-checkout terminals (64% of total global shipments in 2011) Now here at Protouch, we do not offer self-service checkouts but the industry related news is still important because it shows how the trend is increasing in popularity. We specialise in the retail sector and we have a vast array of kiosks to provide fast and efficient customer service. Self-checkouts are fundamentally vital for payment and our technologies offer this as well as an array of functions including product browsing, information, ordering, wayfinding and loyalty. Cut the queues and speed up the service with our expertise whether it is in supermarkets, departments, shopping malls or banks.