Protouch launch industry guide on leisure kiosks

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In a bid to bring self service kiosks to the forefront of the leisure industry, Protouch have launched a complete industry guide offering tips and advice about leisure kiosk systems.

The condensed pack features an array of information to answer all your kiosk needs as well as keeping the leisure industry in the loop on how to expand their demographic and explore new means to attract more customers.

Their tips cover:

  • why not to reinvent the wheel when designing a kiosk, best practice for use and how to protect your investment
  • extra tips on outside factors, such as marketing, prime locations and staff training as well as
  • a few hints and advice for kiosk uses and accessories.

There are so many different uses for a kiosk and the Protouch leisure industry guide covers them all. From cinema payment systems to an internet kiosk, the Protouch

So get access to your FREE copy of 'Mastering Kiosk Deployment within the leisure sector' by clicking here.