Rise Reported Of Bill Payment Kiosk Deployments In Southeast Asia

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There has been an economic boom in bill payment self-service technology in certain countries around the world, according to a recent report. GWD Media, a supplier of Genkiosk kiosk software, has stated that there is a new drive in regions such as Indonesia, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands, for bill payment units. According to the report, there is an increasing need by citizens in Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Pacific for Kiosks that provides services like bill payment, Internet access and money transfer. This concurs with consumer trends from around the globe, including the UK, where there is a thriving must for flexible and easy-to-use facilities without the need for credit cards and bank accounts. Statistical analysis worldwide and local market research suggests that in the Middle East, bill payment kiosks have seen a huge success, especially for potions of the population that is under banked because they can pay cash straight into a kiosk without standing in line.

So why are bill payment kiosks so beneficial?

A bill payment kiosk can help consumers in many countries and the touch screen technology is used across a wide array of industry sectors. Whether it is to aid the retail industry and replace over the counter transactions to free up staff’s time, or help the transport sector in taxis and airports, payment systems are very useful. The featured kiosks are becoming so popular that units have even been deployed in some American prisons to enable the jailed inmates to process their own bail charges. What is more, they can help outdoor and indoor car parks to improve customer experience. So if the latest report is anything to go by, 2012 will see a rising trend of bill payment kiosks and your business can get involved with the help of Protouch.