Self-checkout Technology Rising in Popularity

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Only recently Protouch revealed in a blog post how the majority of retail shoppers prefer self-service technology. A survey by research firm NCR found that mainstream America favour self-checkouts because of the reduced waiting times. A massive 78% said they prefer it because it is faster than going through cashier-assisted lines. And now another survey recently published confirms that self-checkout is rising in significance. IHL Group found that that technology continues to increase in popularity for retailers across North America.

Key findings from the 2012 North American Kiosk study reveal:

  • Self-checkout shipments rose 8% year-to-year
  • Self-checkout transactions exceeded $255 billion annually (around £160 billion)
  • Self-checkout transactions rose more than 7% per year
  • Transactions at self-service kiosks expected to reach $1 trillion by 2014

It took into account ticketing, check-in, postal, food ordering, self-checkout and DVD/other kiosks when analysing the research.

UK deployment trend

The rise in self-checkout popularity isn’t just in the US but the UK too. So why is the technology so widespread? Benefits include:

  • Reduce waiting times
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Boost consumer independence

Various industries can take advantage of the self-service checkout technology and these consist of:

  • Supermarkets
  • Department stores
  • Post offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Banks
  • Leisure centre
  • Attractions
  • Train station
  • Car park
  • Exhibition
  • Canteen

The list of environments that can utilise payment functioning is endless and here at Protouch we can help you profit from kiosk technology, whatever sector your business is in. The tech-savvy world which we live in is saying goodbye to tills and hello to self-service technology; it really is the top dog aspect to succeed. Customer’s needs have grown and it’s simply a case of out the traditional slow paced service in favour of modern, fast and convenient. As customer’s expectations evolve, it is the case that self-service technology will increase in demand as businesses compete to stay afloat. If you are interested in gaining a greater per-customer ROI, you do need to deploy kiosks into your premises. Check out this 3-step how to guide to boost your in-store sales.