Self-Service: How Are Kiosks Benefiting The Health Care Industry?

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The has published a white paper regarding self-service in health care. Touch screen kiosks, monitors and PCs are used in many industries to better customer experience and improve business efficiency. But it seems that the healthcare industry will benefit 9.5% from self-service in the next five years according to the report. 10% of the survey respondents thought there would be an increase in the works which is a surge from 7% in the 2007 survey. So, more and more health care organisations are seeking out touch screen technology to slash costs, especially because of current government financial cuts. Kiosks can save costs in the long-run by reducing staff numbers and give employees the chance to better their time doing more important tasks such as tending to patients rather than burdensome paperwork.

So what features are there of a kiosk in health care;

– Way finding

According to the report, 13% of American hospitals use a kiosk for way finding purposes.

– Patient Check-in

The check-in process is the most consuming time spent for patients. Time consumed on filling in forms and making appointments is longer than actual time spent seeing the doctor.

– Educate

Health information can be displayed to better patient’s knowledge.

– Visitor Check-in

As well as checking-in patients, kiosks can also check-in salespeople, vendors and business associates.

– Payment

The survey findings show that 4% of Americans use a kiosk to pay medical bills.

Just in one health care organisation in America, the Adventist Health Systems, 55,000 people are employed to operate 44 hospitals with 7,700 beds. Care is provided for four million patients each year and that is just in the US alone in one company; so imagine how helpful touch screens can be for health care across the world?

Benefits include;

– Reducing paper work and postage costs

– Improved labour costs as staff can see to more patients in a given time

– Increased return on investment

– Reduce waiting times for patients therefore bettering their experience

– Faster payments from patients because it is easier to pay as it is right there and available

– Provide access to more audiences as multiple languages can be displayed which is great for communities that have multiple ethnicities and backgrounds.

So reap the welfares too by deploying a touch screen kiosk in your local hospital and health care organisation with Protouch.