Self-Service: Industry Findings As A Whole

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Following on from our recent post about self-service in health care, the has published a white paper on industry findings as a whole. Kiosks are used across a variety of sectors from education, retail, banking and more and it can be easy to concentrate on a specific category and analyse it individually. But what about the collective deployment of touch screen technology? According to the Self-Service Future Trends 2011 report, produced by the Digital Screenmedia Association, the industry which will benefit the most from self-service in the next five years is;

– Retail (35.1%)

– Banking/financial (17.6%)

– Restaurant (12.8%)

– Healthcare (9.5%)

– Telecommunications (7.4%)

– Government (5.4%)

– Travel (5.4%)

– Entertainment/gaming (3.4%)

– Hotel/motel (3.4%)

So we have a prediction as to which industry divisions will profit the most from installing touch screen kiosks but what are the expectations as for spending on the self-service technology? More than 96% of respondents said they will spend the same amount or more on the technology in the next 12 months which is great news for businesses like us who manufacture and distribute touch screen units. More precisely, 67.9% said their spending on self-service technology would increase over the next year, only 3.8% said that it would decrease and 28.2% remained the same. This is a fantastic indicator that despite difficult economic times, businesses are still focused on bettering customer experience and enhancing staff time management. And the findings further get healthier in that firms believe spending on self-service technology over the course of five years will increase more than 86%. This optimism is enthralling for the future of kiosks, pcs and touch screen monitors. So we know now that people will be considering self-service units in their businesses but what are the reasons why? A trend which is becoming more and more popular as of late is the use of smartphones but industry experts argue that its future will complement rather than hinder kiosks. Almost 70% of those surveyed said the reason they would ponder deploying touch screens is that the devices can increase efficiency and a further 65% said that the customer demand for its convenience was a reason alone. The top findings also included;

– Just over 60% said customer demand for faster service

– 50% because self-service helps the bottom line

– Just over 40% said for customer demand for complete, accurate information

– Almost 40% as the devices can help brand the company

More answers were customer demand for privacy, courteous service and simply because the competitors are using self-service technologies. To find out what type of touch screen kiosk would be best for your business, contact the experts at Protouch.