Self-Service Technology: In Danger?

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There is an article on that argues that self-service checkouts are in danger of checking out. The site reports how a grocery store chain in America is pulling self-checkout systems from all of its 217 stores to focus on better customer service and how this could mean that self-service is on its way out. A writer for the FINS career resource website noted that consumer surveys indicate that customers want to talk to people in retail environments but contrary research by Wincor Nixdorf AG shows that the majority of consumers would rather bank with a machine rather than a human. David Hadesty, VP of Product Management for Wincor Nixdorf's U.S. Banking Division, said automation is no longer a “nice to have” – it is a necessity and this correlates to the nation’s trust resting in machines rather than man, even in the retail sector.

The FINS piece referenced a recent Consumer Reports survey published earlier this month that indicates that not being able to find a store salesperson ranked among consumers' top complaints but by deploying self-service units in retail stores for product browsing and purchasing, the staffs’ time is freed up more to better customer experience and be on-hand more efficiently when looked upon to answer questions. Self-service technology is enhancing many industries including retail, government, banking, transport, education, health and more. And it is no surprise because self-service brings huge benefits to a business as well as the consumer. It reduces waiting times, gives the power to the customer, frees up employees time to do more important tasks and saves costs in the long-run. The concept of self-service being in danger is absurd- as technologies grow and expand so is customers’ needs. Kiosks, digital signage and touch screen monitors are present to cater to these increasing needs and reflect the ever- changing society. Contact us to find out more.